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The most effective program for learning how to plan and develop a successful international career


"Having been an attorney for many years before joining the U.S. Department of State, I understand both the enthusiasm and anxieties of many young lawyers and law students.  I have heard them express their pride at being an attorney and the intellectual fulfilment they get from the profession as well as the satisfaction they receive by helping their clients.  At the same time, I have noticed that many young lawyers (and many more old ones) become consumed by their careers to the exclusion of other interests and this is not necessarily a good thing.  So I found the CAP meeting with law students I attended to be an ideal forum to share my hard-earned insights into how to strike a reasonable work-life balance as an attorney.  I hope the students took the message to heart."
Steve Labensky, Cultural Attache’, US Embassy to Italy

“I believe in the ability of Italy's young to innovate and succeed in a globalized world.   I have confidence that with the right type of inspiration, guidance and networks, they can learn to be proactive, take calculated risks, become more entrepreneurial and global, and fulfill their dreams. CAP advisers are catalyzers of this transformation.  Take a hint from Isaac Newton who said “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”"
Carmine D’Aloisio, International Consultant, Chairman of the CAP initiative

“The globalization and the emerging economic paradigms are significantly changing the development of professional careers. It is very important to mature early awareness of the many professional opportunities that the world offers today. The idea of starting and developing CAP comes from my personal experience in the US, where mentoring young generations is a way to “give back” and empower future leaders. CAP connects students with successful professionals who openly discuss the challenges they have faced and give advice on what it takes to develop a successful career path.”
Marco Sgroi, High-tech Entrepreneur, President of BAIA Italia, Head of the CAP initiative

"CAP is a very valuable program to bridge the entrepreneurial  and academic communities. The variety and qualifications  of panelists are impressive and fit very well within the BAIA mission of providing opportunities to openly share information and connect relevant players across Italy and the United States."
Matteo Daste, Partner at Orrick, Herrington and Sutcliffe LLP, Co-founder of BAIA


“Every CAP meeting represents a unique opportunity to receive “inspiration”. After being one of the panelist at the first meeting, I have participated in all the other meetings, because of the high level of professionals represented in the panels as well as their capabilities to open the minds of the audience of participants with innovative career paths followed. All panelists have shared dense life experiences and truly motivational visions about the future. Those elements together with the opportunity to build up a qualified network of contacts create a valuable mingle that contributes, every time, to my personal growth”.
Flavio Notari, Dottore Commercialista at Legalitax, Co-founder of BAIA Italia


"My career has been anything but a straight line. After graduating, I have gone through several professional and study experiences that gave me the chance to travel abroad and test myself in different sectors, fulfilling different roles. When I was asked to participate as a panelist to the first CAP event at the US Embassy in Rome, I accepted enthusiastically. I am always eager to share my experience and reason about the lessons I have learned after each endeavor I have gone through, hoping to inspire young graduates and undergraduate students.  After that first contribution I decided to support BAIA in organizing other CAP events. That gave me the opportunity to get in contact with the invited panelists and expand my professional network.  By listening to the panelists’ stories, I realized that I am in good company: it takes time to build up a career but it is never too late!  There is no silver bullet.  However, finding mentors and getting inspiration from people in your network can be helpful to push you through during the inevitable setbacks of a career path."
Antonella Chirichiello, Technical Sales Engineer at Leonardo


“Serving as a panelist at one of the first CAP events was not only an honor but a pleasure. Contributing to the betterment of young graduates is so worthwhile that I welcome future involvement in support of CAP events. Moreover, being a panelist represents a unique opportunity to grow ones own professional skills while also giving back. Looking forward to more BAIA and CAP events!”
Alessandro Rossi, CFO at Movenda

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