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The X Factors of Leadership

and Success


SFIAC, San Francisco - 3/7/2023

March is Women's History Month and BAIA is excited to celebrate with a spotlight on Italian female professionals in the Bay Area. The third edition of this event is dedicated to the qualities that have allowed these leaders to shine and be recognized by many.

When people describe leaders who are making a difference in their industry, they often mention qualities that make them unique, trustworthy, and well respected. It's what we call the X factors. In fact, companies need leaders who are people-oriented and empathetic and focus on communication, collaboration, and teamwork. These skills have been increasingly important in recent years and will become must-haves for career advancement, professional achievements, and growth across all industries.

Thanks to our panelists, we will learn which X factors make female leaders successful in today's work ecosystem and how to unlock these qualities in everyday personal and professional life.


Alessandra Cassar, Professor of Economics at San Francisco University

Maddalena Adorno, Founder and CEO of Dorian Therapeutics

Barbara Rosario, Co-founder, Advisor, and former Chief Technical Officer of Vyrill


Annamaria di Giorgio, Director of the Italian Cultural Institute (IIC)


During the evening, we will also honor former Director of IIC and current Program Director of Cinema Italia, Amelia Antonucci, for her continuing hard work and dedication to the Italian community in the Bay Area and for being a source of inspiration for all women and men for many years.

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