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About BAIA

What is BAIA?

BAIA is an open business network created by and for Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Managers operating between Italy and the United States. BAIA is a non-profit, volunteer-based, independent association founded in San Francisco in 2006.


BAIA offers its community opportunities to network, facilitates the open exchange of knowledge, business opportunitiesrelationships between Italy and the US and promotes a business ecosystem that fosters innovation.

  • Aggregating the Italian Business community in the US.
    BAIA organizes networking and content-rich industry events that cater to the Italian and Italian-American business community in the US.
  • Sharing knowledge, best practices and a culture of innovation in Italy. BAIA Italy, through frequent events, workshops and partnerships with institutions and organizations, aims to share proven business best practices and a culture of innovation and global competitiveness with the business community in Italy.
  • Mapping the business activity between Italy and the US. With BAIAbase, BAIA has created the first business database mapping Italy-US trade that is public, open to all users, editable, and designed to remain always up-to-date (read the BAIAbase FAQ).


BAIA is built on a few core set of values which are the foundation of all BAIA activities:

  • Honesty and Ethical Behavior
  • Openness
  • Transparency
  • Trust
  • Community Participation
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Professional Competency

Governance & Structure

BAIA operates as a nonprofit corporation, 501(c)(6). The BAIA community and organization is open to all individuals, companies and associations who have an interest in promoting networking and business opportunities between Italy and the US. BAIA programs and activities are carried out by its Board and Governance Team, split between the US and Italy.

The value of BAIA lies in its members and their individual contributions. All BAIA Board and Governance members are volunteers that donate their time and skills to the association.

More info on the BAIA Team >

Supporting BAIA

BAIA is an independent organization supported by its members. The funding for BAIA’s programs, events and activities comes mainly from corporate and individual supporters. BAIA Supporters can tap into a broad network of contacts and resources and they can pride themselves in helping to further the BAIA mission.

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